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WATTUM provides trusted software solutions, mining pool opportunities and mining farm hosting and management services, both on a full remote basis and on-site. Our expert team supports mining operations in North America and globally with the provision of instant equipment monitoring, troubleshooting, and miner optimization.

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WATTUM maintains its role as an expert in crypto mining by dedicating itself to providing competitive rates and availability of the highest quality equipment and colocation services, ensuring you make the most of your valued investment.


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July 20-21, 2021

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Our Timeline

Arseniy Grusha has been building and managing Bitcoin mining farms since 2015, developing innovative practices that have been proven to generate a greater profit while reducing costs of management.

Through outsourcing and remote working designs, he has perfected the ability to provide expert management and hosting services while requiring minimal staffing hours on-site: a skill that has proven its worth against a global pandemic and other such obstacles.

These practices form the foundation of Wattum’s growth, beginning with the collaboration between Arseniy and the team at Nice Capital.

Nice Capital


When Nice Capital decided to begin focusing on GPU mining in 2017, their understanding of the Bitcoin mining world was limited to the belief that it was as easy as buying a machine, plugging it in, and watching the money fall into your lap. That interpretation of this advanced market quickly dissipated.

Their goal was to increase the lifespan of the equipment in their possession, leading them to host it in a data center that charged them $0.40/kwh. As their machines would be generating $0.75/kwh, they would be making $0.35/kwh in profits - a reflection of the bullish status of crypto at the time.

It was indeed bullish, as this profit margin slowly dropped to $0.60/kwh, and then $0.40/kwh, at which point they hastily removed their rigs from the data center before the projected revenues would plummet to a predicted $0.15/kwh.


Colo Builders

This prompted them to search for like minded, entrepreneurial partners that would help them continue to realize their goal, finding a group of engineers who were in the process of building a new mining facility.

The collaboration resulted in a new company being formed: Colo Builders to build a new facility that had an electricity cost sitting low at $0.07/kwh.

This fact filled the team with certainty that they were finally in the clear and could focus on making their mark in crypto mining.



Despite the team’s optimism, a frigid “Crypto Winter” crept up, leaving the market bare and forcing the Colo Builders facility to shut off for the time being as profits froze below $0.07/kwh, making it unsustainable to keep up their monthly $12,000 staffing needs.

This is where Arseniy, the founder of Wattum, came into the picture. Colo Builders quickly began generating between $0.10 and $0.12/kwh while reducing their management costs to less than $3,000 per month.

Over the next year, Wattum expanded its services to include mining equipment purchasing, selling, financing, hosting, repair services, as well as on-site and remote management.

A Chief Engineer with over 35 years of experience in data center building helps Wattum service 6 different mining farms in the United States.

In Q1 of 2021, Wattum was responsible for 20% of North American profits in the crypto industry, generating over $60 million in sales.

With inventory sold out well into 2022, Wattum has utilized these profits and taken the initiative to invest in $20 million worth of additional stock, which is scheduled to arrive and be available for purchase over the course of the next year and a half

In a 12-month span, Wattum has grown from $0 to $190 million in projected sales, and has increased staff from a mere dozen to over 90 dedicated experts.

Our team continues to feel the excitement as we expand, having recently opened offices in Argentina to service the South American market, in Hangzhou to service the Chinese market, and in Singapore to service the Southeast Asian market.