WATTUM and Bitkern: WATTUM is entering the European Market

Partnership / June 19, 2020

WATTUM is entering the European Market: Bitkern is an official Austrian WATTUM Partner.

Bitkern specializes in digital currencies and the construction and operation of highly-performance data centers. The focus of the company is on Blockchain technologies and Artificial Intelligence, which also includes the mining of cryptocurrencies.

To use the powerful hardware and compute-intensive processes to generate new units of different cryptocurrencies Bitkern joined WATTUM Pool with the newest equipment powered by W_Firmware. Nowadays Bitkern operates their farm in the Upstate New York.

Bitkern offers professional market participants, using individual concepts, access to the cryptocurrency market, and we at WATTUM are pleased to support the development of the mining industry in the European region together with the Bitkern team.

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Source: https://medium.com/@WattumManagement/wattum-and-bitkern-wattum-is-entering-the-european-market-7fab592062c

Integrated Ventures partnered with Wattum

Partnership / June 19, 2020

Public Pennsylvanian mining company Integrated Ventures partnered with Wattum Management Inc.

We really value our cooperation with this partner, and we observe positive progress in our interaction.

Integrated Ventures Inc. engaged in acquiring, launching, and operating companies in the cryptocurrency sector. The company is focused on activities such as digital currency mining in the USA and Canada, as well as blockchain software development.

CEO Integrated Ventures — Steve Rubakh shared his experience with Wattum.

‘My public company has recently started using the services of Wattum Management on our site in Upstate NY. It’s an impressive team, very helpful and responsive. Overall our results showed a 10–15% improvement with Wattum services and management. Highly recommended”.

We are proud of working with such a successful company and looking forward to big achievements together.

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Source: https://medium.com/@WattumManagement/integrated-ventures-partnered-with-wattum-8d845d71b1aa

Wattum x Hive OS: the new partnership

Partnership / June 19, 2020

Dear Friends!

We’re happy to announce our new mutual project Wattum x Hive OS.
Wattum is now the official representative of Hive OS in the United States and Canada.

Wattum | Hive OS is the collaboration of features of each product:

  • Manual and automatic settings for getting the extra hashrate, and a bunch of Hive OS features to manage all the farms even easier;
  • Full control and tracking of all farm operation parameters;
  • Easy and clear management;
  • Remote reboot and auto update;
  • Anti-virus protection with instant monitoring.

All you need is to use promo code Wattum50Hive to get $50 to your account for mining with Hive OS.

Get more information about Hive OS don’t forget to use the promo code Wattum50Hive.

Feel free to ask us any questions related to firmware, its’ specification of installation. In our W_Firmware chat, the support team will be happy to help you!

Source: https://medium.com/@WattumManagement/wattum-x-hive-os-the-new-partnership-66e164bd65b1