Push the Limits of Firmware with Wattum

Firmware / June 1, 2020

Arseniy Grusha, our Founder, and current CEO is the driving force behind Wattum’s current success. Arseniy started out as an individual miner and only in few years expanded his efforts into Multiple Industrial-Sized Mining operations, owning and managing three of the largest Mining farms in the United States (200+ PH in bitcoin and more than 1% whole ETH Networks). Arseniy was sure he could use his specialized knowledge and experience to help to create the Mining community, that surrounds Cryptocurrency, so, to do this very task — Wattum Management Inc. was founded in 2017.

Wattum is not only a company name but an idea, that has been built on the experience and integrity, founded by industry professionals, which helps to guide and develop individuals and businesses.

Wattum employs specialized software engineers that work on its firmware improvements — at the moment it’s Bitmain miners 17 series. Our dedicated software team has achieved the best ratio for energy and productivity on the market with the S17 gaining up to 35% profit increase up to 72 TH , with the T17 — our firmware has to achieve a 30% performance increase at 52–55 TH/s over the non-firmware version only achieving 42TH/s.

Since the launch of Wattum firmware modules in December 2019 in all of our US and Canadian based mining centers — our current track record with these innovative updates has also remained 99.9% stable with no downtime and no internal issues or errors.

Now you may wonder what about security and infrastructure?! Wattum firmware has onboard Antivirus and protection against Ransomware and Backdoor infiltration.

Wattum has many US constant partners that believe Wattums’ vision. With their help, Wattum experiences not only to provide the best possible service on the market but to also aim for higher improvements, push the limit with the firmware, and form the mining community as a whole.

We are always ready to answer on all your questions in Telegram.

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