Here at Wattum, the security of our customers’ investments is our top priority. That’s why we are excited to announce Wattum Care, a 3-tiered protection plan available to all customers who have purchased Bitcoin mining equipment from Wattum or are utilizing our hosting and management services, designed to preserve your hardware and maximize your mining productivity. As Bitcoin prices spike and mining becomes increasingly lucrative, protecting your mining investment is paramount. Our experts estimate that consistently maintaining a high level of care for your mining hardware can increase its useful life to as many as 7 years of good working condition.

So, why subscribe to Wattum Care instead of maintaining your machines yourself?

In the rare event that an ASIC chip breaks or malfunctions, repairs are relatively easy to perform when done by qualified experts. In most cases, the parts from a single broken machine can repair 3-10 other slightly broken machines to consolidate the chips. Power supplies are more prone to breaking, but they are inexpensive and Wattum is well-versed in their management and replacement. Our advanced firmware practices can be applied to turn on chips to improve mining, allowing us to lower and overclock chips when the need arises, in addition to the ability to replace the entire board should this option be more optimal in ensuring you can always make the most of your machines.

The Wattum Care Program will feature three tiers to appeal to customers with varying levels of risk tolerance: Wattum Care, Wattum Care Plus, and Wattum Care Ultimate.

Protect your Investment

By investing in the maintenance and security of your machines, you can effectively extend their lifetime and maximize the long-term profitability of your initial investment. Providing industry-recognized equipment and globally competitive rates, Wattum is looking forward to pioneering the provision of the same quality security in the form of post-purchase care. For more information on the upcoming program, please do not hesitate to contact us.