Wattum is pleased to announce that we have secured a 12-month supply of 2,400 WhatsMiner rigs through a joint venture agreement with Integrated Ventures Inc. This expansion of our mining equipment inventory gives our clients around the world access to powerful mining rigs at competitive prices, even amidst a global shortage. 

Both companies have committed to purchasing a minimum of 1,200 units each of the model M31S/M30S WhatsMiner rigs manufactured by MicroBit. They offer a power efficiency of up to 42W/T and boast a hashrate of 80T – 110T based on the model selected. MicroBit will manufacture and ship miners starting in July 2021 on a monthly, on-demand basis. 

Wattum CEO Arseniy Grusha stated: “We are pleased to partner with INTV and to be an integral part of a 12-month Purchase Agreement with MicroBit, securing a supply of 2,400 units of WhatsMiners, models M31S/M30S – the most profitable and energy-efficient miners available. Both companies plan to collaborate on the expansion of distribution, mining, and hosting operations and plan to jointly launch data centers and mobile mining farms. We are looking forward to the next phase of mutually beneficial and profitable cooperation, with a focus on establishing Integrated Ventures and Wattum as leaders in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market.”

“[Integrated Ventures] is very pleased to partner with Wattum and secure this valuable 12-month purchase agreement, especially during a period of a limited supply of mining equipment,” commented Steve Rubakh, CEO of Integrated Ventures, Inc., “This agreement expands the existing relationship with Wattum and represents another step in INTV’s strategic growth plan, designed to rapidly increase the Company’s projected revenue growth rate.”

This transaction is the latest in a set of actions taken by Wattum in order to fuel international expansion plans. Most notably, we recently announced a multi-year partnership with Integrated Ventures to execute colocation and hosting for their cryptocurrency mining operations in Kennerdell, Pennsylvania. This agreement will maximize and optimize hash rate, reduce direct mining operational costs, and provide further international reach of both companies. 

Wattum has additionally begun expansion into Kazakhstan, adding to its existing operations in the U.S., Canada, and Russia. This is not our only recent geographical expansion as we have also opened a sales office in Argentina, kindling our growth into the South American market with a dedicated team to contribute to the up-and-coming Bitcoin mining hotspot.

With this large acquisition of Bitcoin miners, Wattum is once again taking steps to ensure our customers have access to high quality mining equipment at competitive prices. To get started on your Bitcoin mining adventure, browse our available mining rigs today.

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Find Wattum at Mining Disrupt this July!

May 19, 2021

Wattum Management is pleased to announce that we will be attending this year’s third annual Mining Disrupt® Bitcoin & Crypto Mining Expo and Conference. The event will take place in Miami, Florida from July 20-21, 2021, with Wattum attending as a presenter and hosting our own booth. We can’t wait to see you at booth number 46! 

We look forward to presenting alongside fellow industry innovators and discussing current best practices in crypto mining, how developments within the past year have shaped the market, and how the future of Bitcoin could be affected as these developments continue to unfold.

This year’s Mining Disrupt Conference features a virtual experience, allowing vendors and attendees to connect and chat online as a parallel to the available livestream. We eagerly anticipate this opportunity to engage with new and existing clients, as the topics of this year’s conference will offer much room for interesting conversation.

In a time where cryptocurrency adoption has gained more momentum than ever and numerous innovations are emerging, the team at Wattum Management is especially excited for this time of connection with fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts and leaders. We look forward to seeing the many faces, both new and familiar, that represent this rapidly evolving market.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

Bitcoin mining farm management firm Wattum Management has confirmed their purchase of 2,400 AvalonMiner 1166 Pro rigs from Canaan ($CAN). Canaan, a Chinese manufacturer and ASIC mining pioneer, will collect $13 million in revenue from the sale.

Demonstrating both a high hashrate and efficiency, the AvalonMiner 1166 Pro units will be distributed to customers based in the United States. With over 500 units already in stock and ready to ship, Wattum will be receiving shipments containing the remaining 1,900 between June and August of 2021.

Details regarding the purchase:

  • Model: AvalonMiner 1166 Pro
  • Hashing Rate: 81TH/s
  • Quantity: 2,400
  • Power Consumption: 3400Watts
  • Power Efficiency: 42J/TH
  • Total Cost: $13,000,000+

AvalonMiner 1166 Pro Features:

  • Safety and Quality
  • Built-In AI Chip
  • Simple Deployment
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Unique Reinforcement Design

A Mining Equipment Milestone

This sale bolsters Wattum’s position as a leader in the cryptocurrency mining market, as inventory availability from reputable resellers is crucial in a time where mining equipment is sold out well into next year.

Wattum has established its reputation for both competitively priced equipment, dependable management and colocation services, the value of which has steadily increased amidst the soaring coin prices. With many large corporations buying out available miners and looking towards hosting facilities for support, Wattum continues to boast their own fully managed hosting facility in the United States.