Wattum is pleased to announce that we have secured a 12-month supply of 2,400 WhatsMiner rigs through a joint venture agreement with Integrated Ventures Inc. This expansion of our mining equipment inventory gives our clients around the world access to powerful mining rigs at competitive prices, even amidst a global shortage. 

Both companies have committed to purchasing a minimum of 1,200 units each of the model M31S/M30S WhatsMiner rigs manufactured by MicroBit. They offer a power efficiency of up to 42W/T and boast a hashrate of 80T – 110T based on the model selected. MicroBit will manufacture and ship miners starting in July 2021 on a monthly, on-demand basis. 

Wattum CEO Arseniy Grusha stated: “We are pleased to partner with INTV and to be an integral part of a 12-month Purchase Agreement with MicroBit, securing a supply of 2,400 units of WhatsMiners, models M31S/M30S – the most profitable and energy-efficient miners available. Both companies plan to collaborate on the expansion of distribution, mining, and hosting operations and plan to jointly launch data centers and mobile mining farms. We are looking forward to the next phase of mutually beneficial and profitable cooperation, with a focus on establishing Integrated Ventures and Wattum as leaders in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market.”

“[Integrated Ventures] is very pleased to partner with Wattum and secure this valuable 12-month purchase agreement, especially during a period of a limited supply of mining equipment,” commented Steve Rubakh, CEO of Integrated Ventures, Inc., “This agreement expands the existing relationship with Wattum and represents another step in INTV’s strategic growth plan, designed to rapidly increase the Company’s projected revenue growth rate.”

This transaction is the latest in a set of actions taken by Wattum in order to fuel international expansion plans. Most notably, we recently announced a multi-year partnership with Integrated Ventures to execute colocation and hosting for their cryptocurrency mining operations in Kennerdell, Pennsylvania. This agreement will maximize and optimize hash rate, reduce direct mining operational costs, and provide further international reach of both companies. 

Wattum has additionally begun expansion into Kazakhstan, adding to its existing operations in the U.S., Canada, and Russia. This is not our only recent geographical expansion as we have also opened a sales office in Argentina, kindling our growth into the South American market with a dedicated team to contribute to the up-and-coming Bitcoin mining hotspot.

With this large acquisition of Bitcoin miners, Wattum is once again taking steps to ensure our customers have access to high quality mining equipment at competitive prices. To get started on your Bitcoin mining adventure, browse our available mining rigs today.

Projections for Bitcoin’s price to hit the momentous $100,000 milestone are looking increasingly promising as corporate leaders continue to embrace the digital currency. Perhaps the most prominent development comes from multinational companies both adding Bitcoin to their own balance sheets and accepting it as a form of payment from customers. These include digital payments company Square (whose Cash App has been accepting Bitcoin since 2018) and business intelligence company Microstrategy, which purchased more than $1B worth of Bitcoin in 2020. Among the most common reasons for corporations embracing Bitcoin are financial empowerment for their customers, hedging against inflation, and a belief that crypto is the future of finance, prompting early adoption with a long-term commitment.

Financial Empowerment

The city of Jackson, Tennessee has announced plans to integrate cryptocurrency, with Mayor Scott Conger exploring options to pay employees in digital currency and even mine Bitcoin to hold it on the city’s balance sheet. He proclaimed in a recent tweet, “Utilizing dollar cost averaging in appreciating assets, like #cryptocurrency is one way we bridge the wealth gap and financially empower people.”

Hedging Against Inflation

Nexon, the South Korean-Japanese video game publishing giant, invested $100 million into Bitcoin to hold as a hedge against inflation, as the investment provides security against decreases in purchasing power. The company predicts that this move will protect their purchasing power in the event of a potential currency debasement. 

Owen Mahoney, president and CEO of Nexon, stated: “Our purchase of Bitcoin reflects a disciplined strategy for protecting shareholder value and for maintaining the purchasing power of our cash assets.” Further discussing the benefits of Bitcoin, he added, “In the current economic environment, we believe Bitcoin offers long-term stability and liquidity while maintaining the value of our cash for future investments.”

Meeting Consumer Demand for Crypto Payments

Commercial real estate giant WeWork has also announced plans to hold Bitcoin on its balance sheet. This will occur in tandem with the company accepting cryptocurrency as payment for their services, fulfilled through a new partnership with crypto payment service platform BitPay. “When we think about the workplace of the future and business, we have to consider cryptocurrency a central part of that conversation,” said WeWork chairman Marcelo Claure, “Cryptocurrency helps build a stronger global economy.”

Financial Services giant Mastercard announced plans in early 2021 to support cryptocurrencies directly on their platforms and offer a crypto rewards credit card to the public. Their wide reach will create ripples for public acceptance and the adoption of Bitcoin in daily life.

Palantir Technologies, an American big data analytics company that counts the United States Department of Defense and the United States Intelligence Community (USIC) as its top two clients, has also recently announced that they will soon accept Bitcoin as payment for their services. Chief Financial Officer David Glazer stated that they are considering taking this one step further by including Bitcoin on their balance sheet. Due to large amounts of cash on hand, this would be a strategic move up from use of a treasury, employing a long-term planning perspective.

With speculation that Amazon may soon support payments with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, investors are gearing up for the impact this would have on global crypto adoption and the prices of supported coins. This hypothesis stems from the creation of a new department labelled ‘Digital and Emerging Payments’, suggesting that the behemoth technology company is already well underway in developing these services. 

How to Capitalize on these Advancements

“We’re big bulls,” said Geoff Morphy, President of Bitfarms, “and when you can mine a Bitcoin for under $10,000 and it’s currently in the market at between $50,000 and $60,000, what we enjoy doing is putting it on the balance sheet and then because that’s effectively our adjusted EBITDA, we get the compounding feature of not just having the Bitcoin on our balance sheet from a low cost, but we basically embed our profit in there as well to compound it.”

However, this opportunity is not exclusive to huge corporations and their CEOs. Individual miners can purchase mining rigs and earn a substantial profit from Bitcoin mining. As Bitcoin prices are predicted to increase due to adoption from large, publicly traded companies and booming cities, the time to mine is now. These mainstream developments have increased the safety and reliability of mining return on investment as Bitcoin continues to establish deep roots in both the business and government worlds. Participating in a mining pool ensures steady profits and minimizes financial risk: apply today with Wattum to receive 25% off the initial fee for ViaBTC’s globally ranked mining pool and join global business leaders in capitalizing on future increases in the market for Bitcoin.

Resolute to ongoing expansion efforts, Wattum Inc. announces a new partnership with the world’s largest crypto mining data center, Enegix LLC, based in Kazakhstan. The partnership will see the build-out and operation of a 16 MW facility, a commitment totaling $2 million USD.

With construction planned for July 2021, the two industry pioneers are in discussions for the financing and construction of an additional facility, adding another 50 MW to their proactive efforts. The estimated cost of this second facility amounts to $8 million USD.

“Interest in cryptocurrency mining is on the rise, and this partnership with Wattum will extend Enegix’s presence to the US. It will serve as a bridge for US customers while allowing international interest to grow and direct its attention to the many opportunities presented by Kazakhstan.”

– Yerbolsyn Sarsenov, CEO & Cofounder, Enegix LLC.

Because interest in cryptocurrency mining is on the rise as a lucrative investment, Wattum will be providing Enegix with a significant bridge into the US market through this partnership. Extending their reach to enthusiastic customers across the country, Enegix will establish its presence in the US by providing customers with an opportunity to access a reputable data center hosted in a country that has an energy surplus of 4000MW.

Currently operating a 180MW facility in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan, Enegix is the largest-capacity data center in the world and accounts for more than 2% of the world’s Bitcoin hashrate at full capacity, which sits at 50,000 mining rigs.

This partnership with Enegix LLC cements Wattum Inc’s position as an industry leader in innovative collaboration and hints towards future plans for expansion.

“Wattum is pleased to be working with Enegix, once again collaborating to bring innovation and optimization that contributes to Kazakhstan’s growing recognition as a global Bitcoin mining leader that will revitalize the international Bitcoin industry. This venture will cement Wattum’s position in this developing industry while providing the best possible hosting opportunities to our clients. We have proven ourselves as a proactive organization, consistently making moves to better position ourselves and our partners for long-term growth.”

– Arseniy Grusha, CEO & Founder, Wattum Inc.

Here at Wattum, the security of our customers’ investments is our top priority. That’s why we are excited to announce Wattum Care, a 3-tiered protection plan available to all customers who have purchased Bitcoin mining equipment from Wattum or are utilizing our hosting and management services, designed to preserve your hardware and maximize your mining productivity. As Bitcoin prices spike and mining becomes increasingly lucrative, protecting your mining investment is paramount. Our experts estimate that consistently maintaining a high level of care for your mining hardware can increase its useful life to as many as 7 years of good working condition.

So, why subscribe to Wattum Care instead of maintaining your machines yourself? 

In the rare event that an ASIC chip breaks or malfunctions, repairs are relatively easy to perform when done by qualified experts. In most cases, the parts from a single broken machine can repair 3-10 other slightly broken machines to consolidate the chips. Power supplies are more prone to breaking, but they are inexpensive and Wattum is well-versed in their management and replacement. Our advanced firmware practices can be applied to turn on chips to improve mining, allowing us to lower and overclock chips when the need arises, in addition to the ability to replace the entire board should this option be more optimal in ensuring you can always make the most of your machines. 

The Wattum Care Program will feature three tiers to appeal to customers with varying levels of risk tolerance: Wattum Care, Wattum Care Plus, and Wattum Care Ultimate.

Protect your Investment

By investing in the maintenance and security of your machines, you can effectively extend their lifetime and maximize the long-term profitability of your initial investment. Providing industry-recognized equipment and globally competitive rates, Wattum is looking forward to pioneering the provision of the same quality security in the form of post-purchase care. For more information on the upcoming program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

U.S.-based crypto mining management company Wattum has recently partnered with data center operator Enegix to expand hosting availability at their Kazakhstan Bitcoin mining facility by 8MW. 

Enegix’s Facility

Based in Kazakhstan, a nation that is home to a whopping 4,000 MW electricity surplus, Enegix’s data center is already one of the largest in the world, with plans to increase its capacity by an additional 500 MW in 2021. Based in an ideal shipping location, the country also presents a low 12% import value added tax (VAT) alongside import options as low as 0%. The fully compliant facility is optimized for safe mining operations thanks to an ideal climate for air cooling, on-site ASIC repair availability, and on-site personnel accommodation. Giving equipment owners peace of mind, the high-voltage infrastructure is protected by video surveillance and armed security. This facility was built to provide premier hosting opportunities for miners, which Wattum customers can now take advantage of.

Wattum’s Hosting Growth

As one of the leading providers of mining equipment hosting and maintenance services, Wattum offers the lowest prices for facilities within the U.S., Canada, Russia, and now Kazakhstan. Boasting a minimum of 99% equipment uptime, uninterrupted network operation, and uninterrupted power supply, Wattum is synonymous with reliability. Monitoring is provided by on-site technicians with 24/7 customer support. To ensure you get the maximum lifetime out of your mining equipment, Wattum’s specialists carry out routine maintenance and diagnostics of mining equipment. They also monitor mining equipment control of current conductors using a thermal imaging device, alongside routine visual inspections by certified technicians.

Declining Global Hosting Availability

With tightening regulations leading to a precarious Bitcoin mining climate in China, the global leader in hashrate production, many miners have looked to other regions with lower risk to host their mining hardware. This has resulted in an increased demand for credible hosting facilities around the world, particularly those headquartered in the U.S. Through this partnership with Enegix to increase available hosting space, Wattum is an American-based company taking proactive steps to ensure that its customers have ongoing access to secure, reliable hosting at competitive prices, even in an ever-changing global regulatory landscape. Wattum offers a variety of services such as new and used equipment sales, hosting, management, firmware, and mining pool opportunities.

An Investment Opportunity that Pays for Itself

With these shifts in the global playground of crypto mining gaining widespread recognition, developments have already been seen in the demand for mining equipment as participants from all over the world recognize the lucrative investment. While the current market price of Bitcoin sits at nearly $40,000 at the time of writing, purchasing a rig for under $10,000 and mining Bitcoin allows you to invest smaller increments every month whilst getting a significant return on your investment. Mining equipment is fully depreciable on your tax returns, and since it’s typically priced at a 12-month payoff from the current Bitcoin price, the period of time that it takes to pay off your equipment will decrease should Bitcoin prices increase, as they are now.

Canaan ($CAN), the Chinese supercomputing firm and ASIC mining pioneer, has reported a $33 million net loss for 2020. Bullish Bitcoin prices were not enough to overcome the effects of a global chip shortage, stalling the production of Canaan’s popular Bitcoin mining machines and causing inventory backorders to pile up. These effects were exacerbated by COVID-19 supply chain disruptions, but are beginning to see a significant turnaround.

Their 2020 net loss, as reported in the Bitcoin miner manufacturer’s unaudited financial report for Q4 2020, was notably lower than their 2019 loss of $148 million. As Bitcoin prices hold steady, Canaan shows optimism in this trend of loss reduction.

The company has been consistently reducing their net loss, with Q2 2020 experiencing a 90% year-over-year reduction due to the sale of mining rigs, which experienced significant growth on their gross margins.

Despite reported losses, the company shows optimism for the upcoming year and forecasts a Q1 2021 revenue target of $61 million, with significant growth driven by the large volume of Bitcoin mining hardware pre-orders as Bitcoin prices foresee another climb.

While their mining rigs were selling for $10 per TH/s in 2020, 2021 sales have already been ranging from $50 to $80 per TH/s, and they’re only expected to continue going up.

This activity is indicative of the current demand within the crypto mining industry that only continues to rise, reflecting ongoing global shortages of mining rigs. With Bitcoin further advancing its reach, gaining acceptance and entering the mainstream payment market with services such as Cash App accepting the digital currency on its platform, it’s safe to say that prominent names within crypto mining will continue to see significant growth as the year progresses.

Looking forward, Nancheng Zhang, CEO of Canaan, stated:

“Although the outbreak of COVID-19 caused supply chain disruptions and thus negatively impacted our revenues in the fourth quarter of 2020, our market leadership has enabled us to attain $174 million contracted orders with $66 million of cash advance from customers as of December 31, 2020, thus laying a solid foundation for substantial revenue growth for 2021.”

With many leading mining hardware manufacturers being plagued by supply shortages amidst Bitcoin price spikes, seeing a reach to an all-time high, mining rigs have become scarcer than ever. Proactive resellers like Wattum Management have preempted this shortage, stocking up on inventory of cryptocurrency mining hardware and purchasing over 2,400 Canaan miners in a $13 million deal. The rise in price per TH/s continues with the foreseen steadiness of Bitcoin value, creating an ample opportunity to invest in such hardware and equipment.

As Bitcoin prices surge and acceptance of the digital coin becomes more widespread, a multi-year rally seems increasingly likely. With Bitcoin’s emergence into the mainstream, cryptocurrency mining is drawing comparisons to another income-generating asset: real estate.

Just as traditional stores of value like gold are needing to make room as Bitcoin moves in, the common investment practice of real estate is one asset that may soon find itself competing with Bitcoin mining operations for investment dollars.

Start Getting a Higher Return on your Investment

The notion of investing in Bitcoin mining may prompt feelings of uncertainty for some, but look closer and there are some striking similarities between this investment and traditional real estate. Both are undeniably assets that can appreciate as their respective markets grow hot, often selling for the same as or more than what they were purchased for. And while both carry the potential for needing repairs, requiring an annual repair reserve at about 1-3% of their market price, both can also be insured. Property insurance is a common resource across a majority of homes in the United States; interestingly, Bitcoin mining equipment can also be insured through programs such as Wattum Care, a pioneering program which will be launching within the next few months.

While real estate remains a popular investment, it can quickly get complicated when taking into account additional expenses such as property taxes, lack of mobility, and its lack of depreciation ability on tax returns unless it is in an opportunity zone. Mining hardware, on the other hand, can be depreciated for its full sum in the first year or over 5 years and is mobile, offering flexibility in terms of not only where you mine, but how you mine.

Another factor is the reliance of real estate investors on rental incomes, which in itself can pose a cost risk in terms of preparing a home for tenants, as well as finding suitable tenants that will take care of the property and avoid further expenses. Further, the average annual return on investment (ROI) for rentals falls between 8% and 15%, whereas typical ROI from Bitcoin mining ranges from 20% to 100%. With the Biden administration’s proposed capital gains tax hike anticipated to increase annual tax rates to as much as 48% for those earning more than $1 million, real estate investments are hard pressed to remain the most profitable and secure solution.

A New Opportunity for Flexible and Secure Investments

Trusted for centuries as a vehicle for investment, land ownership is perceived by many to be highly secure, yet the real estate market has had its fair share of ups and downs. These fluctuations can be particularly problematic for purely speculative real estate investors. Bitcoin mining is safe from these waves as a regular stream of Bitcoin is produced regardless of its market price. Although rental income can be converted into Bitcoin almost instantly, many are unaware of this opportunity and thus miss out on its benefits. Should the prospect of investing in both real estate and Bitcoin mining interest you, the option of acquiring property and converting it into a Bitcoin mining colocation center is possible with data center building experts such as Colobuilders.

Bitcoin mining equipment is both relatively safe and potentially lucrative, projecting a sizable return while maximizing potential profits. Purchasing a miner, typically priced at less than $10,000, sets you up to mine Bitcoin for years to come. Locking in mining equipment at current day prices projects even faster returns, should the price of Bitcoin continue to rise, and if the current shortage is any indication, the reported spike in equipment demand will persist well into the new year.

As a reputable equipment reseller, Wattum has taken proactive steps to ensure a high availability of stock for both new and used mining rigs, with numerous shipments still set to arrive in the coming months, including the widely acclaimed Antminer S19j. Wattum’s team of experts is qualified to deliver management and hosting services across 6 facilities in North America and around the world, and offers mining pool opportunities for individual investors and mining farms alike. Through partner firm Colobuilders, Wattum retains over 35 years of data center design and building experience to enable clients with bigger dreams to outfit their own mining facilities and colocation centers.

Support from payment giant Visa and electric car revolutionary Tesla has bolstered the anticipated longevity of Bitcoin, resulting in a projected increase in future prices.

Al Kelly, CEO of Visa, recently discussed the company’s plans to get involved with cryptocurrency through a multi-pronged strategy pushing services related to Bitcoin, stablecoins and, on a more distant time horizon, central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs. Kelly revealed that the company is leaning into the crypto industry in a very big way and feels they are “extremely well-positioned”.

A Vision for the Future as Bitcoin Secures the Trust of Industry Leaders

Tesla Inc. CFO and Master of Coin Zachary Kirkhorn has announced that the company will continue to hold and accumulate Bitcoin, thanks to their sincere belief in the cryptocurrency’s long-term value. Despite concerns surrounding Bitcoin’s role in clean energy and influences on the environment, the digital coin remains on Tesla’s balance sheet as new findings surface regarding its potential positive effects on technology innovation for renewable energy.

Tesla CEO and renowned innovator Elon Musk frequently takes to social media to discuss cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin to his 50 million+ followers. Musk has long been praised for being a visionary leader, driving Tesla to become the first S&P 500 company to invest in Bitcoin, a move other companies are slowly beginning to replicate. Tesla invested $1.5 billion into Bitcoin in early 2021. Despite selling 10% of their holdings, the value of their remaining Bitcoin had risen to $2.5 billion as of March 31.

Scope of Opportunities Presented by Bitcoin are Driving Mainstream Acceptance

The increase in mainstream and corporate support of Bitcoin continues to push the cryptocurrency toward the position of a long-term asset, foreshadowing a significant increase in future prices. There is a growing, widespread consensus that the time to get into Bitcoin mining is now in order to capitalize on these expected gains. 

Corporations such as Visa and Tesla have faith in this process as Bitcoin miners serve as a decentralized co-location for transaction verification, which speaks to the scope of opportunities presented by crypto mining that benefit individual miners and mining farms in more than 10 countries around the world. There’s never been a better time to join in on these opportunities, as ongoing mainstream use and acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency continues to be elevated by significant industry players.

Mining Bitcoin as a Next Step in Joining in on the Action

Mining equipment is typically priced at a 12-month payoff from the current Bitcoin price, meaning that if Bitcoin prices should increase after you buy, the period of time it takes to pay off your equipment is shortened. If the investments of industry leaders like Tesla and Visa are any indication, locking in mining equipment at today’s prices may set you up for even faster returns than predicted. Buying a Bitcoin miner allows you to mine for the next few years, making back your investment as opposed to buying Bitcoin directly for its market price. A lucrative investment such as this one is fully depreciable on tax returns as mining Bitcoin is parallel to purchasing it in smaller increments over time, further saving you money.

Wattum Management, a Bitcoin mining farm management company, provides new and used equipment sales, hosting, management, firmware, and mining pool opportunities for both individual miners and mining facilities looking to increase their investment in the trailblazing cryptocurrency. With a wide variety of quality miners for sale at nationally competitive rates, now is the best time to buy as increases in Bitcoin price will only increase the value and demand of available mining equipment.