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Wattum Expands Operations with Argentina Sales Office

May 28, 2021

Wattum is pleased to announce that our expansion into the South American market is underway with the opening of a new office in Argentina, an up-and-coming Bitcoin mining hotspot.

With this announcement, Argentina joins the United States, Canada, Russia, and most recently, Kazakhstan as part of Wattum's global footprint, extending our international presence in the Bitcoin mining industry. Our Argentina operations will be headquartered in the city of Martínez, located just 10 minutes from capital city Buenos Aires.

Located relatively near to the South Pole compared to the rest of South America, Argentina’s temperate climate makes it an ideal region for Bitcoin mining. A recent feasibility study showed that expensive cooling techniques like liquid immersion were not necessary, with fan cooling being sufficient. Compared to the company’s operations in Quebec, Canada, its Argentinian site presented a 45% cost savings.

In the near term at this new location, Wattum will primarily be providing equipment to wholesale clients, as well as hosting services for individual clients. As this operation continues to grow, Wattum plans to offer both management and technical support to customers. With an initial capacity of 50 GPU rigs, the Argentina location is ideal for mining altcoins like Ethereum or Zcash. In the long run, Wattum has a vision to deliver quality resources and seasoned expertise to the South American market, enabling mining investors to capitalize on our team’s rich experience that has been refined and proven around the world.

As Bitcoin continues to gain international momentum, particularly in South America, investors need to have a trusted and experienced global player on their side. With competitively-priced ASIC and GPU mining equipment, trusted hosting and management services, and an official partnership with one of the top Bitcoin mining pools, Wattum is your ideal partner to get the most out of your mining investment. In the midst of high Bitcoin prices and new proposed tax implementations, Bitcoin mining is fully depreciable and offers secure returns not only through direct coin mining, but also in the value of the equipment itself as reputable resellers such as Wattum have demonstrated through a series of successful sales and partnerships since the start of the new year.