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Wattum Inc. Attends Mining Disrupt 2021

August 9, 2021

The largest cryptocurrency mining expo and conference in the world, Mining Disrupt, concluded its third iteration last week. Mining Disrupt brings together over one thousand cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals from all across the globe to Miami, Florida for a whirlwind of learning and relationship-building.

Wattum is pleased to have attended this year’s conference as a Title Sponsor and Keynote speaker, and we are incredibly excited about the turnout of this event! We educated over 100 new and familiar faces, from California to Kazakhstan, on “Mining Your Business: Secrets to Building and Supplying Bitcoin Mining Farms”. The event showcased a multitude of companies from diverse functions within crypto mining to engage in speeches, booth hosting, and panel interviews resulting in a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas shared. The 2021 conference was a huge success, leaving everyone with a newfound optimism for the mining industry after realizing the globally spanning reach of cryptocurrency, along with networking with the bright minds upholding and revolutionizing the future of the industry.

CEO and co-founder of Wattum, Arseniy Grusha, gave an energizing speech that aimed to broaden your understanding from an industry expert’s point of view into the backend operations of mining: “Mining Your Business: Secrets to Building & Supplying Bitcoin Mining Farms”. Both seasoned miners and emerging enthusiasts acted on this perfect opportunity to get first hand expert advice from Arseniy. The speech will be available across our channels for our clients to read Wattum’s tips and lessons for success when building and supplying Bitcoin mining farms.

Arseniy Grusha, CEO & Co-founder of Wattum

We want to extend our thanks to everyone that took the time to attend the conference and speak with our booth representatives. Our company had great conversations regarding mining solutions and how we see our firm continuing to build and mold the industry as new innovations revolutionize crypto in coming years. We look forward to continuing to strengthen the new connections we have created at this event, which have the potential to blossom into strong partnerships. We also had the pleasure of meeting with existing partners and getting to hear first hand from our clients about their satisfaction with their mining services. Wattum is looking forward to emphasizing our goal of customer success by continuing these one-on-one conversations with clients and industry leaders.

Wattum not only looks forward to next year's Mining Disrupt conference, but is also looking forward to the undoubtedly exciting year leading up to it. By the time we meet again in 2022, the industry landscape will look completely different and we will all embrace the changes made by our pioneers who continue to push the industry into the global mainstream. The acceptance by governments, international companies, and the average consumer is built on the hard work of all attendees at Mining Disrupt, and we are proud to be one of them.

Given the success of this year's conference and the innovation shared, we ask that you remember one of the main lessons from our Keynote speech: Everything has a price, but not everything has value. The Bitcoin mining industry? It has both.

About Wattum

WATTUM provides trusted software solutions, mining pool opportunities and mining farm hosting and management services in North America and globally, both on a full remote basis and on-site. We pride ourselves on providing reputable mining equipment, both new and used, to our clients in order to make the most out of their investments. Whether you’re an individual investor or an established mining farm, Wattum remains dedicated to providing innovative services that foster opportunities for your growth and success within the global cryptocurrency market.

A few of our team members at the Wattum booth, Mining Disrupt 2021