Wattum Management Service

Mining / June 3, 2020

We are very pleased to announce our expansion into both: the American and Canadian markets, allowing us to provide Industry-Leading Management Services for local clients across the region.

Founder and current CEO Arseniy Grusha

“I founded Wattum not only to further the cryptocurrency industry by supporting the backbone of all major `Mining` coins, but I also felt the need to guide fellow entrepreneur’s endeavors into the digital revolution of the monetary system. Wattum was built on years of personal experience, building and managing mining operations all across the world from New York to Canada and Columbia, running large scale industrial mining operations for both GPU and ASIC based `Mining` . Starting today the Wattum team and I are very pleased to have the opportunity to offer both — our experience and expertise to new clients from all over North America’s.”

Today we’d like to cover some common issues farm operators may experience, that Wattum can help to solve:

1) Wattum can provide Full Remote Management for all mining operations to maintain stability and to maximize profits;

2) Wattum can provide Full Installation of mining hardware, it’s set up and configuration, including SSH unlocking, overclocking and OS setup and optimization;

3) Wattum can help with Expansion Planning and Deployment, System Configuration and Hardware/Software repairs;

4) Specialized Firmware developed so popularly ASIC Miner Generations “S17 and T17”, providing Energy Efficiency improvements by up to 30% and including a whole host of infrastructure upgrades, that have been a part of the firmware update.

Wattum.io currently hosts the biggest US-based Ethereum Mining Pool. We have a PPS+ payment system and maintain 99.9% uptime and stability in our pools.

Wattum is also an Official Representative for Viabtc — one of the largest multi-pools in the world.

In addition, we offer custom contracts and special services on the client’s request.

We are always ready to answer on all your questions in Telegram.

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