Difference Between Standard and Improved Firmware

What is standard firmware?

With standard firmware, it is possible to change firmware via the web interface without Hive. But if the
password for the web interface is standard or simple, then viruses, picking up the password, can infect
your device. You need to be sure that there are no infected devices on the network.

In any case, we strongly recommend changing the username and password to access the ASIC through SSH.
Keep in mind that most viruses have a list of the most common passwords, so you should not use passwords
like 1234567890. One infected ASIC brought to the farm infects all the surrounding ASICs that have the
standard password. Modern viruses, such as Antbuild v2, cannot be “cured” or removed. The issue can only
be resolved by replacing the entire processor or control board.

What is improved firmware?

Improved firmware gives maximum protection against viruses. Also, such firmware cannot be changed to the
third-party one through the ASIC’s web interface. The change is possible only through the Hive OS web

How to identify if I have improved firmware?

First of all, you can try to flash. Secondly – launch ls /etc/bitmain-pub.pem. If there is a
file, the firmware is improved.

How to flash from improved Hiveon ASIC firmware?

The improved firmware can be updated ONLY to another improved Hiveon firmware, via ASIC’s web interface
or BTC_TOOLS. Third-party or official firmware can’t be installed in this way. However, you can use the
rm -rf /etc/bitmain-pub.pem command — send it to your ASICs via the Hive web. It will
temporarily delete the certificate, but you can reboot your ASIC to bring it back. After this, you will
be able to move to any firmware via the firmware update menu (in the Hive web). It will be possible to
choose the firmware from the list or to use the URL.