Head of HR Department

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Head of HR Department


  • Work experience in an HR Operations or similar role
  • Interpersonal skills: Have the ability to organize, communicate and interact with a company’s people daily.
  • Leadership skills: To be a leader who oversees a company’s staff and operations. Employees come to them for guidance on workplace relations and employment matters.
  • Decision-making skills: To have experience making decisions that can affect an entire company and its employees as well as hiring decisions that lead to productive teams.
  • Organization skills: The ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize tasks.
  • Public speaking and communication skills: Create and communicate company policies and decisions clearly and with authority.
  • Teamwork: Must work well with others


  • Recruit, interview, and hire new employees
  • Employee engagement and development – Coordinate employee training and development company initiatives
  • Oversee the payroll and performance evaluation systems, and ensure we use our resources beneficially. Oversee all personnel-related matters.
  • Design company policies and procedures and apply to the team.
  • Designing budgets and managing internal HR systems.
  • Ensure the HR department operates efficiently and aligns with the Wattum business objectives.
  • Review and work with legal team to update our employment contracts and agreements
  • Prepare budgets by department
  • Track key HR metrics like cost per hire and retention rates
  • Manage internal communication projects (like job satisfaction surveys)
  • Manage employee issues, such as disputes, and decide on disciplinary actions


  • To create company-wide policies and document procedures for HR
  • Improve team satisfaction by100% 
  • Increase team productivity by 50% 
  • Raise Wattum working standards
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