Installation guide for T17\T17pro\T17+ firmware

Preparation stages:

1. Download and install Notepad ++ for editing configuration files:

<a href=""></a>

2. Download and install BTC Tools

Windows: <a href=""></a>

Linux: <a href=""></a>

3. Download the SSH Unlocker archive from the link below to unblock SSH and replace the certificate:



4. Unzip the SSH Unlocker archive.

5. Launch BTC Tools.
– The program uses the default username and password which is set up on all Antminer devices.
– If the password on the web has been changed, it must be replaced in the program.
– To do this, click “Settings” and in the window “Miner Login Passwords” replace the password with custom.
– Confirm the action by clicking “OK”.

6. Scan the network by clicking the “Scan” button.
– After scanning, export the CSV file by clicking the “Export” button.
– Next, open the CSV file using Microsoft Excel or any other program that supports this format. Copy the IPs list from the table.

7. Go to the folder with the SSH Unlocker utility. Right-click on the ips.ini file and select “Edit with Notepad ++”.

8. Insert IPs list and save file.
* Note: the list should not end with an empty line.

9. The config.ini file uses the default username and password which is set up on all Antminer devices.
– If the password on the web has changed, the same will be on ssh. In this case, it is necessary to replace the standard password with the one, which user has.
– To do this, right-click on the config.ini file and select “Edit with Notepad ++”.
– Change password in lines “web_pass =” and “ssh_pass =”.

10. Run the script “1_open_ssh.cmd” and wait for its execution. During the execution of the script, the devices will be overloaded. Wait about 5 minutes.

11. Run the script 2_upgrade_replace.cmd and wait for it to execute.
Done! T17\T17pro\T17+ are ready for firmware.



For T17\T17pro\T17+ firmware, several options are listed below: using BTC Tools and via the web.

Download Wattum firmware

1. Open BTC Tools;

2. Scan the network again;

3. Highlight firmware devices;

4. Click “Firmware Upgrade”;
Select the T17\T17pro\T17+ firmware in the pop-up menu “Miner Model”;
Press “+” and select firmware, which was previously downloaded;
Press “Upgrade Selected” and confirm the action by clicking “Yes”;

5. Wait until firmware will be completed;

Web firmware

1. Launch a browser;

2. Enter device IP;

3. Enter username and password;

4. Go to the System tab, then the Upgrade tab;

5. In the “Image” line, select the firmware. Click the button “Flash image …”;

6. Wait until firmware will be completed;