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Supported Manufacturers

S17, S17 +, S17 Pro

T17, T17+, T17 Pro

S19, T19, S9

How to Repair your Broken ASIC

Fill the form on Wattum ASIC Repair page
Send your broken equipment to us
Get it back repaired and keep mining


ASIC Hash Boards

Bitmain APW3

Refurbished tested


S9 Hashboard

Refurbished tested


S9i Hashboard

Refurbished tested


ASIC Hash Board Swap


S9 / S9i


ASIC Repair: Basic / Advanced


S17 & T17

$150 / $250


M20s & M21S

$150 / $250


T3 series

$150 / $250


Innosilicon T3 series PSU



Whatspower P21 PSU



Bitmain APW9+



Our Location

So it is easy to send us your broken ASIC and get it back repaired in the shortest time. What is more, if you need Pickup and Delivery service, we could do that.

New Jersey, US

449 Loucroft Rd, Haddonfield

[email protected]

(877) 316-9930

Why choose Wattum Repair

Manufacturer Certified technicians

Our veteran technicians have traveled all around the world to become fully accustomed and accredited with manufacturer certification for all major ASIC brands, providing the same level of support and skill as the manufacturers themselves.

U.S Based U.S Sourced

Our ASIC technicians can work on any type of ASIC providing top-level repairs on site at our HQ in New York, we only source the highest quality parts for chip repairs and wiring replacements.

Diagnostic Checks

We leave no stone unturned when verifying issues with devices and chips, we ensure each device is fully tested to ensure stability and reliability for continued use, as well as finding the root cause for initial faults and errors, to increase longevity of our clients ASICs.

Save Time, Choose Wattum

By utilizing our repair center, you no longer have to ship internationally for repairs with large wait periods and slow turnovers, you no longer need to ship them overseas for repairs which will save you both on time and money.

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